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May 07, 2019

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With the interconnected, on-the-go nature of today’s workforce, the lines between work and home life are increasingly blurred. That tendency may blend into our email — though, unless you’re using a private secure email , mixing business and personal can be a tricky undertaking, one that may be setting you up for serious privacy risks.

Here are five of the top reasons you should never use your work email for personal use:

  • Scams: Because corporate email addresses are often easily searchable and may be listed on a company’s website, they’re at increased risk for being targeted by scammers. If someone was able to infiltrate a work email from a phishing attack or other sophisticated hacking scheme, the scammer would not only have access to all of your work data but, if you use the account for personal reasons, would also be able to see and potentially use sensitive personal information.
  • Corporate policies: Unless you’re using a private secure email, it’s likely that your manager and IT staff have access to your emails. Many corporate policies prohibit personal use of work email, so violating that provision could lead to fallout for your position.
  • Data breaches: Corporations are increasingly at risk for cyber-attacks, as hackers aim to get their hands on the treasure trove of information companies hold about both their employees and customers. If workers use their company email for anything from shopping to discount programs, and the company is the victim of one of these widespread data breaches, hackers can gain insight into an employee’s behavior and potentially information like bank account or credit card numbers.
  • Social media: All of our social media accounts require an email for login and, if you use your work account, that could pose a risk to your privacy. Social media often contains highly personal information — from photos to personal conversations — and someone looking to access that information could be one step closer if you use an email address that is easily identifiable.
  • Thinking about the future: It’s likely that you won’t be at your current position forever, so what happens to your personal email when you leave work? Without a private secure email, it’s likely that others in the company, or your successor, will easily be able to access all of your messages once you leave the organization.

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