When Activism Can Be Bad for Business

September 15, 2021


Remember when corporations, businesses and brands didn’t have a political agenda? For people of a certain age that sounds unbelievable, but many of us can recall the days when companies were only interested in promoting their products and services. Now in the age of “woke” culture, many companies, from giant corporations to local shops, are actively participating in brand activism to promote their (mostly leftist) politics instead of their business. 


A Growing Trend

Using brand activism to kowtow to “woke” culture gives these businesses the appearance of being noble, but it’s strictly surface-level lip service. In reality, they’re desperately trying to profit off of a trend that’s being endorsed by the media and many politicians. As their messaging grows increasingly antagonistic toward long-established American values, these brand activists are missing the bigger picture: The average American does not agree with their agenda. 

Instead of being “progressive”, these companies are continuing to devalue long-standing American principles in the name of brand activism (and, primarily, the pursuit of profit). They’re actually being aggressive to the loyal customers who helped make them successful. Activist brands not only burn bridges, they add more fuel to the fire with every politically-tinged commercial, ad or spokesperson. This is both bad for business and bad for America, too. The best way to put an end to brand activism and send a strong message to these companies is to show your support for businesses that truly share your conservative values.

Promote Strong Values 

There’s a lot of truth in the phrase “vote with your dollars.” Sending letters and emails to corporate leaders or writing messages on their social media pages may be cathartic, but they’re mostly futile efforts. Instead, stop spending your hard-earned dollars with activist brands and choose products and services from companies like Reagan.com that share your conservative values and beliefs. By making this change, you not only deprive these phony brand activists of their much-needed funds, but you also ensure that conservative-friendly businesses will continue to grow and thrive. 

Many big tech email services and providers continue to support the “noble” cause of brand activism while they simultaneously ignore consumer activism by selling your personal information to the highest bidder. Reagan.com upholds the core conservative values of personal freedom by protecting your personal information with a first-rate email service that is truly private. It’s time to send a message to “woke'' companies by supporting companies who support you! Join Reagan.com today.




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