Why You Should Pay For Private Email

As technology has advanced, security has been at the core of new developments for our most prized possessions. Even though we may have to pay a little extra for our car’s safety system, the video monitoring at our house or for anti-skimming wallets to protect our credit cards, we all gladly take on those costs to make sure our privacy is protected. However, some consumers don’t think to have the same security protection for another area that involves just as much, if not more, private information: our email. Why pay for email when it’s offered as a free service from many providers?

Email was not initially designed with security in mind, which gave email providers the freedom to market their “free” services. Instead of signing up for a paid email service, many internet consumers, tired of paying exorbitant costs for their everyday technologies, have instead gone with a free option. However, while promoting the cost-free nature of their services, such providers are leaving out the fact that they have to monetize their products somehow to stay in business—and that’s what is costing their users. Major providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL scan subscribers’ emails, preferences and internet activity, as well as track their physical locations and browsing history. They often sell this information to other corporations, who use it for targeted advertising and spam—all to benefit their own bottom line—with email users’ privacy being trampled in the process. Does that sound free to you?

Leaving your private email in the hands of big business is not the way to go when trying to ensure your privacy. As the saying goes, “If you don’t pay for a product, then you are the product.”

Why Pay for Secure and Private Email

Just like the benefits consumers get from a home-security system, a paid email service essentially pays for itself in what it provides to subscribers:

  • Your information will remain yours

  • Regulated by strong privacy standards

  • Support centers provide peace of mind

A paid email service charges members because it offers what free providers can’t: security. That is why you should pay for email. Users can trust that they have control over who sees the messages they send and receive, and that they don’t have to worry about third parties using their sensitive information. As one of the best paid email service providers, Reagan.com never copies, scans or sells any of your email content, and we allow users to safeguard their email and internet history.

Private email services like Reagan.com use stringent private policies. Many free services hide loopholes within the fine print of its user agreements, but we provide members all of the information about their rights up front, as we believe transparency is key to selecting the best paid email service provider.

Our support team is always available to make sure that you have the peace of mind when it comes to your email, which works on any device, from anywhere. Large, free email service providers often treat all of their users as just another number, which reflects in the quality of their customer service. With a paid email service provider like Reagan.com, subscribers can rest assured that, just as President Ronald Reagan supported the individual rights and contributions of every American, their individual membership matters.

Just as Reagan backed the freedoms of all Americans to privacy, in today’s digital age, at Reagan.com, private means private.