Best Practices for Elderly Cybersecurity |

December 11, 2018

Cybersecurity Best Practices for the ElderlyKW: Elderly Cybersecurity

From email to IP addresses and everything in between, there are so many factors involved in protecting one’s digital footprint that keeping up with the latest cybersecurity tips and trends can seem like a full-time job. Cybersecurity is a complex issue for anyone to understand—even tech-savvy professionals who work every day in digital realms may struggle to ensure they’re protecting their online presence. And for those without a strong background in technology, cybersecurity can especially seem like a never-ending maze.

While many older Americans are well-versed on the ins and outs of the Internet, the reality is that today’s seniors grew up and spent most of their working lives in a time when digital didn’t power all facets of society, as it does today. So for the elderly, cybersecurity can be especially challenging to keep on top of—but it’s imperative that they do, as seniors can be a prime target for hackers and others with malicious intent.

Here are a few quick tips to enhance elderly cybersecurity:

Treat your email like your postal mail.

 We don’t open every piece of mail we get, recognizing that much of it may be “junk” or solicitations. The same holds true for email. Only open messages from senders you know.

Use a secure email provider.

Private paid email services prioritize users’ privacy, offering enhanced security features to ensure their safety.

Be smart about social.

 Don’t share your location or other identifying or personal information in any social media posts.

Choose strong passwords.

Be creative when it comes to passwords, and change them often. Make sure they’re long and are free of any information, such as birth dates or addresses, that can be easily figured out.

Use secure networks.

Only connect to the internet on your home, password-protected network. Using public and unsecured networks can open up your devices, and all of your information, to prying eyes.

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