How Hackers Use Your Information in Identity Theft |

April 23, 2019

hackers using your info

Nearly 17 million Americans have one thing in common: They’ve all been victims of identity theft.

When hackers access personal data, they can use it in countless ways. Backed by identifying information like a Social Security number, addresses, and passwords, hackers can do everything from max out credit cards to apply for loans to make big-ticket purchases.

Together, the losses to individuals and companies per year in this country are more than $17 billion. On top of the monetary effects, the impacts of identity theft are both wide-ranging and long-lasting: Victims have to grapple with insurance companies, jump through red tape, track down paperwork and much more, all in attempt to minimize their financial losses. Concerns over financial strain and worries about future complications that could arise from an incident of identity theft can put significant strain on victims’ mental, emotional and even physical health. Ultimately, the ramifications can last for years.

While the impact of identity theft is severe, avoiding it can be made simpler. A private email service [link to /t/bestprivateemailservice ] is one way to safeguard your sensitive information. Even if you don’t think you transmit any sensitive information in your messages, without a private email, you may be opening the door to identity theft. If hackers are able to access your email, they can find a treasure trove of identifying information — from contact lists to passwords to your online behavior. All of that can be used to lay the foundation for identity theft, as, armed with all of that personal data, hackers can strengthen their ability to assume your identity and, ultimately, target your finances.

Identity theft may make victims feel helpless, but email users can have some of that authority returned to them with a private email, which uses encrypted messages and secure data storage, vital safeguards that public email lacks. While many Americans may be lax about email security, thinking identity theft is a crime that could never happen to them, 17 million of their fellow citizens are proof otherwise. By taking steps like using a private email account [link to], it’s possible to put up roadblocks that will help deter those on the path to committing identity theft.

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